The world needs kids who aren’t just book smart or street smart, but life smart.

New Name, New Look...Same Mission.

Social Health Association of Indiana, Inc. is turning 75 this year, and we’re celebrating in a big way—we’re rebranding as LifeSmart Youth!

Since 1943, we’ve served over 1.5 million Indiana youth with vital school-based health education programs, addressing multiple aspects of children’s social and emotional well-being, including cyber safety, nutrition, healthy relationships, sexual health, kindness, and communication skills. Our new brand aligns perfectly with our long-standing mission to “foster successful lives by empowering youth to make responsible choices and adopt healthy behaviors.”

Moving forward, LifeSmart Youth will continue to offer crucial social health programs to Indiana schools and youth. We are the education provider who teaches whole-life skills and wellness behaviors from an early age, allowing students to become their best selves.

Our full website will launch in early August.

In the meantime, visit to learn more about our mission and programs and to see how you can get involved. And feel free to reach out to us directly by phone at (317) 638-3628 or email at

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